Time Travel (5 Tips to Help You Stay Present)

Updated: May 5, 2019

For the past few months I’ve been in a good place…but not exactly where I want to be. Consequently, I’m in March of 2019 physically and in March of 2020 mentally. #TimeTraveling It can be the most stressful and annoying feeling ever to attempt to settle yourself in the moment and feel overwhelmed with “but I really wanna be there….doing that.” If left unmanaged this thinking will manifest detrimental effects including but not limited to depression & anxiety. I know I’m not the only one who deals with this; so here are a few helpful tips to move through it effectively and healthily.

1. Write the goal! – get a cute little notebook that’s easy to carry with you everywhere and write all your goals inside. That space in time you’re traveling to, write it down in this book. Maybe your goal is to start a business, retirement, buying a house, etc….whatever it is put it in this book.

2. Visualize – obviously you have a thought about the goal or you wouldn’t be stressing about not having it; but is it clear? Do you know exactly what it looks like? The name? The slogan? The mission? The colors of the office space? Use this season you’re in to make your vision clear. Take a few moments in the morning or the evening (or whatever time everything is settled in your home environment) to sit with closed eyes and imagine exactly what it looks like. Then of course, take it all back to your book and write it out!

3. Plan – What do you need to do to get to that goal? Realizing that nothing sustainable manifests without a concrete plan, write your action steps in this book as well. Give yourself a realistic date to accomplish each step – then do it!

4. Get grounded – what centers you? What calms you? Use that (as long as its not harmful to you or someone else) to keep you in the present. Set aside time each day to use your grounding modality, get “centered,” and reflect on today. Was it a good day or not so good? What was good about it and what could have been better? Was the sun shining or was it raining? Is it still shining or raining? Is it cold right now or warm? Getting grounded and reflecting instantly brings you to the present.

5. Be overly gracious – Express gratitude to God all day. It can be for something you’d otherwise see as less than meaningful, like the flower you walked pass leaving work; as well as big victories you experience throughout the day. Expressing gratitude and giving thanks keeps your mind in the moment and allows it to pause from the constant racing.

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I left work and instantly felt overwhelming sadness try to over take me. I had to put on that “work smile” all day and by the time I got to my car I was exhausted. I cursed every person out on my way to pick up my son from daycare and even got snappy with his dad for no reason at all. I’m not proud of that, but I’m sharing it because I know first hand how fighting with your current season effects your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. No one is exempt, not even the therapist. We all wrestle with something – and this is my something right now.

I pulled up to the daycare and sat in the car for about 5 minutes. I knew how I was feeling and didn’t want to project that onto my baby. So I sat there and I breathed. I went in and he came running to me to tell me all about his “green” day! As a reward, I took him to the carnival – and we had a blast! It wasn’t completely easy at first, but the more I acknowledged how I was feeling and WHY, the easier it became for me to CHOOSE to be present with my baby and FOR my own sanity. He helped me “get grounded” and we won a fish in the process!

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery that’s not promised to any of us..so let’s do our best to enjoy the gift of the present.

Be blessed,

Britt ♥️

Lord I thank you for this platform and I thank you for every person reading. I pray that you’d provide assistance in remaining present in this season. Lord help every reader to understand that every season has true abs divine reason, and in due time we will be moved into the next. Keep all minds reading this post in good health and keep all spirits in perfect oneness with you. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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