The Sun Will Come Out in 2 Minutes

Just want to throw some encouragement at my single parent friends out there!

As a single mom who has dealt with depression I can tell you the sun won’t shine ALL day everyday. It doesn’t always feel like rainbows and blue skies. Sometimes it gets cloudy and even stormy – I mean down right nasty! The type of rain that is accompanied by thunder and lightning and scares you under your comfort blanket…and that’s okay. Being a single parent is hard as fuck (if I can be bluntly honest)! It’s okay to have bad moments and even have a bad day. It’s okay to feel tired and even feel like you don’t want to be Mr. mom or Ms. dad today – no that’s not a typo. As a single parent you often have to learn to play both roles. You end up having to learn how to wrestle AND still have to be the nurture. You literally turn into the good cop and the bad cop, giving rewards and ass whoopings. You have to be available and on 24/7 365 with minimal breaks – it’s exhausting!

However, I’m here to tell you, that even the cloudiest of days can still have sunshine if you let it. Most times all we really need to feel better is to be present, to live in the moment. Which means sometimes the routine goes out the window! Every now and then, it’s okay to deviate from the usual schedule. Stop for ice cream on a nice day or just hang outside for while. Will the baby DIE if he/she doesn’t get to bed RIGHT at 8 o’clock? Probably not. You get to interact with your child(ren) in a way that will allow you to connect with your inner child AND he/she gets to play with you (which is all they really want). It’s a win win for everyone!

Be encouraged if you’re a single parent. You are one of God’s most amazing angels on earth and you’re doing an INCREDIBLE job!

Love y’all!

Be blessed


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