Surviving V-day

Updated: May 5, 2019

Sis! *side eye* It’s coming & you’re still single or single again…are you ready?

Can I be transparent for a minute? Okay thanks. So I thought…I KNEW..I was sooo sure this year would be different. I mean I had this friend who was great and still is great…but just not completely in my life at the moment. So, here we are coming up on another v-day and SHE won’t be with HIM. *rolls eyes* but hope is not lost b/c she has a few tricks up her sleeve to SURVIVE V-Day! Here they are:

1. Host “Gal-intines Day” – maybe you aren’t the only single one in your crew. If that’s the case, why should you both sit at home like sad puppies alone? Call your best single gal-pals and invite them over for a gal-intines celebration. Celebrate your friendship with wine & chicken (or fish if you’re pescatarian for a day like me lol)! Get creative and make it an event to remember!

2. Plan something fun with your kids – single mommies, it can be HARD surviving v-day as a single mommy. Try planning something fun with your kids! Maybe a movie night – it can be in the house with snacks or at the theater!

3. Schedule some “me time” – Self-Love is the most important type of love! Take this time as a break from your busy schedule and give yourself some TLC. Go get your nails done and maybe hit the spa for your favorite massage. Do what makes you happy and cater to yourself.

4. Say “No” to social media – sis it will take you oooout! Don’t torture yourself watching everyone’s v-day festivities…maybe just go ahead and delete the IG app from your phone now in preparation. Lol a couple days without it won’t kill you.

Outside of being a debt trap for many people, Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Love that should be expressed year-round but never mind that. It doesn’t only have to be expressed via intimate relationships. Take this time to just focus on love – Love of Family, Friends, and most importantly Self. It’s one day of 365, you’ll survive.

Be blessed love.


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