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I’ve become an expert at hiding my brokenness – just like many of you. I’ve done this all my life; it started when I was a young child and I completely mastered it. For a long time I thought it worked to my advantage. I didn’t realized how masking my brokenness only worsened the cracks that were already present. To be honest, I had been masking my brokenness for so long I didn’t even realize I was doing it anymore. It simply became a part of…me & my daily actions.

Attempting to build a house on unstable foundation will eventually become disastrous. Build and build again but it will always come tumbling down and you will again fill empty, disappointed, useless, depressed, etc. Anxiety and worry ramp up and you are again searching for something to make you “feel good” or fill you. Like a cup with cracks, whatever you try to put in just leaks back out. Nothing truly gives you the satisfaction you’re searching for and it’s because you’ve not taken the time to heal – to fix the cracks.

Healing usually isn’t a zen and calm thing. It requires work and facing painful wounds. There will be tears, anger, sadness, and even moments when you just don’t want to be bothered by anyone. True healing is found in unmasking, standing in your truth, and sometimes seeking professional help. These aren’t things to be ashamed of – even those of us that seem to have it all together still have something to heal from. I guarantee you, every GOOD therapist has a therapist! Your brokenness is not the end of you. Your story/testimony needs to be heard to help someone else heal! I know it’s scary to face it and you don’t want to go through all the emotions that come with it..but I’m so sure that in the long run, you’ll be the WHOLE & HEALTHY person Yahweh intended for you to be. So let’s stop licking our wounds and HEAL them.

Be blessed,


God I thank you & I ask that you help my brothers and sisters heal.

In Jesus’ name,


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