Updated: May 5, 2019

Sometimes life gets super tough and even the best of fighters get K.O’d. I recently have been gut punched, upper-cut, and kicked in the teeth by a “life situation.” It’s not the first time life has attempted to beat up on me; it’s also not the first time depression has stared me straight in the eyes and challenged me. Depression is very real and sometimes very difficult to overcome; but while “feeling better” may seem impossible lets thank The Creator that it’s not. It’s a slippery slope. Some people may find that they are triggered more easily than others and need heavier intervention. However, EVERYONE should be armed with some tools to aid in keeping themselves in a good mental space. Here are couple I’ve found to be helpful for me:

*Although I am a licensed mental health care provider, this post should NOT replace any recommendations you may have received from your own provider.*

1. Be as present as possible: Knowing what’s happening when depression/sadness starts knocking will help you fight it early on. Additionally, reframing from being too far in the past or the future gives way for you to acknowledge the present and still your mind.

2. Figure out what your secret shifter is: A secret shifter is your personal “thing” that changes your energy. It can be music, writing, praying, exercising, or watching cat videos. It’s your secret thing or place in your mind. When you go there or participate in that thing, you’re frequency elevates and you begin to find your bliss. Discover one and continue to add to the list. The more you add the stronger you’re able to shield using a secret shifter when necessary.

3. Protect your peace: Detox from people that bring toxicity into your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical space. This sounds easy right? Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the people closest to us that are bringing toxic energy into our spaces – which makes THAT detox difficult. Understand that it’s okay to love someone from afar especially if they aren’t creating peace in your life. Loving them from afar doesn’t mean you no longer love them, it just means you’re giving yourself a little more attention; attention that you NEED. That doesn’t mean you can never talk to him/her again; just means you need some space for a few days…weeks…months…however long it takes.

4. Put what you love into your routine: When you engage in the things you love regularly you have something to look forward to everyday. What is it that makes you want to jump out the bed to do? Mine is yoga. Try to put your “thing” in your routine regularly. Not only will you have something to get excited about, but it will also add to your peace.

5. Get back to what you love: On the flip side of number 4, maybe you had been incorporating what you love in your routine and stopped or fell off for whatever reason. Stop and take notice. I’ve fallen off of my yoga practice many times simply because of life. Usually when I fall off is when I need it the most and I can bet the same for you with your “thing.” Be gentle with yourself and gradually put it back into your daily routine. Why not? It’s what you love!

6. Flow in spirit/pray: This should have been number 1! Idk why it’s down here at number 6! But anyway, connect or reconnect to Yah (God), the Holy Spirit, Jesus, your ancestors, any ascendant masters of love & light. Whomever it is that brings you closer to “spirit,” connect. Pray, meditate, go to church or the masjid. Actively seek guidance from your higher power.

7. Speak with a therapist: And lastly, but most certainly not least – speak with a therapist. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong about seeing a therapist as it is an excellent way to take care of your mental health! Furthermore, a therapist is a trained mental health care provider and can make recommendations for things that you may never think of on your own.

I hope some of these tools help and you can permanently add them to your tool belt. We all get knocked off track from time to time. The blessing is that we aren’t alone; we all are in some form of recovery.

Be blessed love.


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