Today was a beautiful day, full of excitement and lots of emotion. My baby started school school yall! Yes, I said “school school” - that’s big boy school! I still can’t even believe that I have a pre-k kid!

This morning I was overjoyed to see my kid run into his new school ready for his new adventure. The energy that poured from him was so contagious I couldn’t help but get caught up. He giggled and smiled the most infectious smile as he walked through the halls to his classroom...and then he realized he was being left lol. He turned to his “squad” and said “...but I’m just going to miss y’all.”

I was doing so good until that point. I wanted to stay but I knew the longer I stayed the more his energy would shift. I watched him hold his new teacher’s hand and walk outside to the playground. Fast forward through my drive to work, I pull into a parking spot and as soon as I shifted the gear to park, water works!

I sat in my car and prayed fiercely for my baby. I thought of how cruel the world is and the fact that my baby will always be my baby but not ‘A’ baby. I cried knowing that I won’t always be able to physically protect my baby and yet I was comforted in knowing that I can always cover him in prayer. Comforted in knowing that I cover him everyday when I teach him how to maneuver through the world. Comforted in knowing the lessons I’ve provided has molded him into the brave, intelligent, kind person he continues to grow into. Comforted in knowing I’ve prepared him for this moment!

So to all the moms dropping their kids off for the first time, I know it’s a little difficult but rejoice. You did it - keep on doing it Momma.

Love you,



Shout out to BearBear’s #squad (Daddy, Bae, Gan, TT, & ReRe

Shout out to my Mommy friends who reached out to provide emotional support (Erica & Jatoia)

Love y’all to life!

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