You’ll have to be an active participant in your unfolding if you wanna #levelup I’m not into quoting white men but I can not argue with Albert; I completely agree that it’s insane to think the same behaviors will yield different results. The next level WILL indeed require a more advanced version of yourself – which may not feel good moving toward! In fact, to be completely honest it WONT feel good initially. You’ll have to gain new insights and expand your perspective letting go of old unuseful and unhelpful ways of thinking. Resulting in “losing” people along the way and that’s what will hurt the most because we become so attached to people and even the ideas of people (i.e. the idea of being friends forever). Overstand that some people are only meant for a season of your life – to teach you the things you know now, and now it’s time for you to progress pass that. It’s ok to grieve that loss but try not to let it keep you stagnant – stuck in a season you’ve outgrown. Staying in winter too long passed the time you’re supposed to be there will eventually kill you as you are no longer receiving the nourishment you need for growth – get it? Get focused on your assignment (purpose) and that will put you in the presence of people who are meant for this NEW season you are entering into. Embrace the changes that are happening, make the conscious decision to choose the advanced you and level up!


You got this.

Peace, Love, and Light


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