Sometimes it is easier…but it’s never most effective. The thing about running is eventually you get tired. Eventually you need to rest from the run and at that very moment, the thing you’ve been running from catches up to you. You’ll find that as soon as you open your eyes from the rest it’s standing right over top of you, staring you in the eyes and breathing hot breath on your nose. At that moment the run is over. You could try to pick up your feet and make a dash for the door but it’s pretty much too late because it would be hot on your heels if you did. Now you are face to face with it and try all you might to ignore it – it’s still there, and it’s not going anywhere until you address it. Sure it’s big, hairy, and scary, I get it. It may even be snarling at you and drooling; but closing your eyes and hiding under your cover won’t make it go away. Take a big deep breath, remember that you have the power and spirit of the Creator residing in you, confront it, learn, and heal.

You got this.

Peace & Light


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