Sometimes it’s extremely hard to let go of the pain from yesterday – especially when it was caused by someone you loved & trusted. Forgiveness takes time, but it is necessary for YOUR survival. Think about it: if you hold on to that time your ex broke your heart and become resentful and bitter to every man that attempts to approach you – who’s still coming up with the shitty end of the stick? You or your ex? Forgiveness allows you to truly move past what happened. You won’t forget, and you may be more cautious this time around – but at least you’ll be able to take another time around. Get it? Resentment holds you hostage and keeps you stuck which eventually feels worse than the painful event. If you’re having trouble moving forward I’d encourage you to take some time for introspection, confronting the feelings that linger instead of avoiding them. If you need help with that, your therapist got you boo.

Love y’all

Be blessed


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