Damn that retrograde was interesting!

I don’t really want to say it was HARD...but it WAS hard! I think because it was so freaking emotional! Ugh! I love my Cancers but lawd!!!

HOWEVER, I have to admit it was definitely beneficial - worth every tear that was shed and every irritating moment of hard truth. I thought I took some losses; I mean, in the moment they definitely felt like losses. Ironically and in true retrograde fashion they ended up being gains in the reverse.. and I grew in ways I couldn’t have imagined prior to the retrograde. I literally watched myself evolve as a woman and it hurt like hell but was so dope at the same time. It kept me learning and growing even through this moment, the final moments of the retrograde. The enlightenment and the “ah-ha” moments just keep on rolling in. So as we come to a close of the retrograde I give thanks for all that it gave to me & I release what no longer serves me in my highest and purest energy.

AND, I give thanks for this new chapter of prosperous abundance being ushered in by the Super Black Moon in Leo.

Praise to The Most High, Source, Yah

Honor to my Ancestors

Peace to you.



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