I encountered a man who presented himself as this AMAZING creation of God – until he switched up on me and wasn’t what he presented. He was ALMOST a total package until I opened the box and realized he was missing a few critically important pieces. He was a “Bravo” – an actor. He was “all in” and then he was only “all in” with me; and one thing I will NEVER do – leave my son behind. I just can’t. There is NOTHING in me that will allow me to do that. I never understood how some women could leave their children to wolves of the world to be happy with a man. I’m not judging but I don’t understand it. Overstand, the type of children we raise today will be the adults other people have to deal with tomorrow. It’s imperative that we give them the tools they need to healthy fully-functioning adults. How could one complete that successfully when having to live a double life? What happens when your baby needs you to be mommy but that man wants you to be something and somewhere else? Who do you choose? Better yet – WHY do you even have to be in a position to have to choose?? Are we really doing this Ladies? Are we really allowing these ninjas to be half-way in the picture?

Maybe the latter is why this man believed he could enter my world and not have anything to do with my child. He was full-out trying to build a relationship with me and move into my house – but had an issue when I mentioned his intentions regarding my son. I was flabbergasted. I could NOT understand why he would think I wouldn’t have a standard regarding his interest and interaction with my child – especially with the knowledge of me being a single parent all my child’s life.

Sis, be encouraged and stay strong! There IS someone who will come into your life and love you & YOUR CHILD(REN) as his own. We have to collectively stop settling for less than we AND our children deserve; stop making these ninjas think this mediocre-ass behavior is acceptable. It’s NOT! Let’s stop building these bullshit relationships that crumble at the slightest whistle of wind and start building strong foundations and thriving families.

“…and if she has to choose, Mommy will always choose you.”

Love & Light


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