Chasing the Sun + Shifting Negative Thoughts

Emotions - ever fleeting and therefore hard to catch. Literally a person can be happy one minute and sad within the next 5. Emotions - energy in motion.

I saw this picture and I instantly thought about this concept - of how we often try so desperately to change our emotions, to "feel better." Trying desperately to fan the clouds away in order to catch the sun just beyond them.

Unfortunately, we will never catch those emotions simply because of the aforementioned - they are energy in motion; and we shouldn't necessarily seek to just "feel better" as we might find bliss in the moment but not true betterment. Going through the process to "feel better" doesn't always feel good - but that's another post for another day.

What's important to note here is that all of the emotions are triggered by a thought - which are way more tangible than emotions.

1. When the clouds come stop and ask yourself, "what am I thinking?" Then sit and analyze your thoughts. You may end up having all types of thoughts, thoughts you've ignored for years and those you've simply thought were gone - because you avoided them for so long, and that's okay.

2. Be gentle with yourself; after you have analyzed the thought ask yourself "how do I feel?" Find the feeling behind the thought and acknowledge it's presence. I know it's difficult but don't be so hasty to rush through this part or even worse like trying NOT to feel and skipping it all together. Sit with the feeling and let your body respond the way it needs to (i.e. crying, rocking, etc.)

3. Determine if there is any validity behind the thought. Sometimes our thoughts are valid and other times they are completely irrational - invalid. Holding on to negative thoughts that aren't even valid can cause tremendous damage as they began to morph into beliefs; and while thoughts are hard the change, they are a lot easier to change than a belief.

4. If you find there is no evidence to validate the thought, stop trippin' trippin' and throw it out by shifting the thought to the truth of the matter! If you find there is evidence to validate the thought but you don't like it or the emotion it brings, determine what you need to do to shift the thought, making it invalid based on your ACTIONS.

Cloudy thoughts don't have to become rainy days - you have the power to change them and still have a day full of sunshine. You have the power to actually heal. Work your magic. #MentalHealthAlchemy

Peace + Love


Photo cred belongs to my childhood friend Dex

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