Bringing Grace

Updated: May 5, 2019

The affirmation for today…and as many days after today until it sticks is “I’m bringing grace to myself all day long.”

We are our own hardest critics and worst enemies. We beat ourselves up with doubt and criticism. The worst part about it is we don’t even own those narratives. Nope. We are NOT the creators of those stories. They were written for us by our parents, friends, relatives, colleagues, partners, and the larger society. So much time WASTED on co-signing someone else’s negative narrative of OURSELVES, yet we will extend grace to other people.

Why? Why is it so easy for us to extend grace to people who abuse it but not to ourselves? I know I’m not the only one that’s done it. The man that you continue to allow in your mental, emotional, & physical space but keeps playing on your heart – grace extended. The “home girl” that’s always trying to sneak diss but you write it off as “that’s just her personality” – grace extended.

We are given grace from The Divine Creator to extend to others AND ourselves. ITS OK SIS, TAKE SOME FOR YOU! You won’t be perfect, ever. Extend yourself the grace to mess-up, grow up, glow up; the grace to learn & teach, speak out and observe, work & rest, be bold or not.

You deserve it.

Love & Light

Britt ♥️

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