How far can you bend before you break?

One of the lessons for me in 2019 is learning to be firm...learning that I don’t have to be so bendy all the time...learning that it’s okay to say ‘No.’ Not ‘no’ with malicious intent or purposefully trying to hurt someone’s feelings - but ‘no’ because giving my energy, time, and/or resources to whatever you're asking of me will be helpful to you but leaves me in a not so sweet spot. I often find myself in that place...that place of helping to the point of my own detriment. I’d literally give my last to someone then stress about how I’m going to make it to next Friday (Smh). Why though? What is that about?


Sis/Bro, helping someone else doesn’t validate you any more than the validation you’ve already given yourself for just being you. If people don’t love you for that, they certainly won’t love you for stuff. You’ll find yourself giving all that you have and having NOTHING left, because 9/10 times the people that are taking consistently from you are NOT pouring back into you. So you bend bend bend until you finally break and who has to put the pieces back together again? No more! Today I declare It’s okay to start looking out for your best interest - and believe it or not, you can do that without maliciously hurting someone else. Now understand there WILL be some “hurt feelings,” ....but they also WILL survive to tell their story, so no worries. far can I bend before I break?...I’m not even going to try and find out Lol!



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