All The Universe Conspires

"Today I choose freedom"

My trip to Los Angeles this summer has been one for the book – literally for THEE book…of my life. Let me start by saying that I absolutely love to travel; but I mean who doesn’t love to get away from the day-to-day responsibilities of work, parenthood, and rush hour traffic? A fool is the answer to that question. Anyway here’s how LA unfolded.

Originally this was supposed to be a girl’s trip. I desperately wanted to go out of the country to an island…any island; however it simply wasn’t in the budget for all parties included. Most of us have children and all of us have other responsibilities (BILLS, BILLS, BILLS!), so a reasonable compromise was Los Angeles, California! I was pumped about that because I ADORE California. At this point I could go into the long story of exactly how I ended-up being the only “girlfriend” on the “girls trip,” but then I’d lose the true essence of this post. So lets just say simply – my girlfriends flaked on me, big time. Talk about HURT! I went through an array of emotions behind that – but all of them have apologized by now and it’s water under the bridge sooooo I’ll carry on. Just 2 weeks prior to my departure date I decided that I was going to California alone. This would be the first time that I would VACATION alone, so it was a big deal for me. I visited a good friend of mine, Keith, and I explained to him all that had happened regarding the trip. I told him about how mad & hurt I was; I went on, and on, and on some more. I would have still been going on if he hadn’t interrupted my crybaby rant to say with a straight face, “so just go alone.” The nerve of him, right?! Chiiiiiiile then he had the audacity to add value behind the statement by telling me about his experience vacationing out of the country alone for his 25th birthday. I was so annoyed…that I was actually inspired. I pondered that conversation the whole ride home, and by the time I pulled in the driveway I had made up in my mind that I would no longer wait on other people to live my life. Don’t give me the side-eye like you haven’t waited on something or someone too! We all are guilty of doing that in one-way or another. How many times can you remember waiting to get a good friend, to get a man, to get whatever – in order to do something that you love and makes you happy? How many times can you count delaying your happiness waiting on something or someone else?? Too damn many if you’re honestly answering the question, Okurrrrt! So I was going alone, and I was completely okay with that. I explained that exact reason to my mother (affectionately known as Bae) and she too was inspired…so much that she purchased a last minute flight to meet me on the other side of the country.

I arrived in LA on Thursday July 19th at about 7 am, and as soon as my feet touched the California soil I knew in my spirit that weekend would be divine. I was so comfortable with being alone, I almost scared myself. I’ve always been a social butterfly and have struggled with being with myself all of my life. I always felt I needed someone, anyone – to which I attribute many of the social lessons of my adulthood, but I digress. I was alone and cool with it for the first time. I hopped in Jonathan’s Lyft and proceeded toward my downtown hotel. The vibe was just so….Cali. It was so relaxing and oddly familiar although it was my first time in the city. Honestly I felt at home. Jonathan talked me all the way to the hotel, putting me on to new music and hipping me to the location of the best crystal shop he knew of, located in Santa Monica. We clicked! It was as if our souls knew each other already. I started to ask him if we could exchange phone numbers but decided against it thanks to my own fear. #NextTimeSheGoingInForTheKill LOL!!!

Arriving at my hotel so much earlier than Bae afforded me the opportunity to really be alone with my thoughts. I dropped my bags and immediately began exploring downtown. I think I walked all over downtown…and ENJOYED IT! I started connecting with myself in the moments of spending quality time with myself – doing whatever I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it. I walked; and when I was tried of exploring I went back to the hotel, grabbed my book & my journal, and sat in the Japanese style garden reading & writing for 2 hours. I was at peace – so much that I began to become sensitive to the voice of The Divine Creator as I once was. Just before I left for L.A. I had a really nasty falling-out with one of my girlfriends; but while I sat there reading I felt the gentle touch of God on my heart telling me what I needed to do…and it was done with ease. The fact that it was done with ease was confirmation for me that I was led by Spirit. I was full of gratitude for God because I felt like I hadn’t heard from Spirit in so long. I had allowed the goings and comings of life to desensitize me from the voice of the God; but there Spirit was waiting to meet me again.

Bae arrived that evening – while I was experiencing the best sleep I’ve had since my son was born in 2015! No seriously, I don’t know what I was sleeping on but it was waaaaay too comfy! The next day we moved with the flow of our hearts. There was no planning or preparing – just moving as we desired in the moment. We both learned a valuable lesson on that day – how to be present. Neither of us stressed about time or what we were going to do or what has happening on the East Coast. We were just there enjoying each other and most importantly enjoying ourselves. Allowing our hearts and minds to be completely free in the present without fear or worry of the past nor future. I’m sure it sounds simple; so the next time you’re supposed to be with your children at the playground or even having a conversation with your mother, check your thoughts and let me know how many times you caught yourself time traveling.

We explored Santa Monica beach first and took an amazing bike ride from Santa Monica to Venice beach. It is absolutely mind-blowing how something as simple as a bike ride can free your soul. I felt reconnected with the child in me and if I could have grown wings and flown away I would have – that’s just how free my soul felt. As we rode down the strip of the beach to Venice, Bae’s eyes were combing through all the shops that lined the beach and she caught the crystal shop Jonathan had mentioned to me the day prior. There it was, a wonderful little crystal shop owned and operated by my brothers from Egypt. Let me pause to say, she had no idea about the crystal conversation I had with Jonathan, she just knows I love crystals. The fact that she spotted that shop was indeed divine intervention. We rode up to the crystal shop and I almost lost it. I was literally the equivalent of a kid in a candy shop running back and forth between the displays. We were greeted warmly by our brown brothers, which made the initial encounter with the establishment all the more inviting. Before I could pick out my crystal, God had done it again. The Divine Creator met us right there in the crystal shop. Intuitively, the older gentleman of the shop gravitated to Bae and assisted her with choosing her crystal. He knew nothing about her from her own words but was able to read her energy and speak about her current experiences as if they were already longtime friends. He told her about his ability to heal intuitively, made some suggestions for her and asked to keep in contact with her…she agreed. I was touched just in witnessing the exchange of energy.

Later that evening we found ourselves on Hollywood Blvd with semi-angry tummies; so in typical Bae fashion, she searched yelp for a good place to eat. She found Soul Hollywood Restaurant & Bar located on the Blvd, so we walked down. As we entered the restaurant a young (Late 20’s) brown sis, named Raecine, greeted us. Raecine was the hostess that night. She walked us to our table to be seated and started making small conversation. Eventually we told her that we were visiting from Maryland and her reaction was priceless. She seemed to almost jump out of her skin and exclaimed, “I’m from Maryland too!” We told her we were visiting from Upper Marlboro to be exact and she shared that she had been raised in Silver Spring. She told us about her desire for “a change,” and how she loaded her belongings in her car and drove 3 days to move from Maryland to L.A. Bae had to throw in here “you sound like this one,” as she pointed at me. She knew I was inspired. Raecine stood there and talked to us for quite some time. She walked away and came back once or twice to have more conversation, mind the fact that she wasn’t even our server. Some would call that odd or strange but I knew it to be divine. Our spirits connected and there God was again – speaking to me through her energy. We exchanged phone numbers and vowed to keep in contact. By the way, did you notice the name of the restaurant? God has a sense of humor.

We found all sorts of exciting things to do but I spent the remainder of the trip in my head and in the book I toted all over L.A. – The Alchemist. The more I meditated and read, the better able I was to make clear of the voice of God throughout my trip. By the time I arrived at LAX on the 23rd I was 50 pages short of completing the book, and before I boarded my plane I was finished. I reflected back to the conversation I had with Keith and was filled with gratitude that he was able to offer encouragement in that moment. I thought about how different the trip would have been had my girlfriends showed up. I may or may not have met Jonathan, and either way I definitely wouldn’t have had the same conversation wherein I learned about the crystal shop. I would have never arrived at the crystal shop and experienced God speak to me through the exchange of energy between two people outside of myself. I may have never made it to Raecine’s restaurant – and even if I did, the conversation would not have been the same. The energy of the entire trip would have been different, and not necessarily in a bad way – but just different. I needed exactly what I received on that trip and every bit of it. I needed to gain the courage to spread my wings and fly even if that meant flying alone. I needed to feel free again. My entire perspective on the “trials” and “misfortunes” of life shifted – I shifted. I came back to the East Coast a different person because God divinely orchestrated my trip.

At first read most people wont get it, and I‘m okay with that. However, for the one person this post is for, I want to offer you some encouragement in spreading your wings. Live now and live freely. Stop waiting on friends to travel, a man to go to a nice restaurant, a logo to start your business, and all the other ish you’ve been waiting on.

Bust a move!

Lest you run the risk of missing every opportunity placed before you. Furthermore, Over-stand what you perceive to be set-backs, trials, bad-times, misfortunes, etc. Walk securely in knowing ALL things align when you are headed in the direction of your “personal legend.” Never EVER wait on other people to live your life. Never stop dreaming and never stop chasing your passion – it’s in the realm of dreams that you are guided to the path of your destiny. Fulfilling your destiny is the most important task God has given you and you will be helped to complete it – if you’re open and sensitive to the whispers of God. It’s when you gain that sensitivity you are able to see the entire universe conspiring to aid you.

Love & Light


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Each thing has to transform itself into something better, and to acquire a new Personal Legend, until, someday, the Soul of the World becomes one thing only.” – The Alchemist

“Now in a dream is where I’ll be; imperial rain came down to crown me” – Common

P.S. Thank you for sharing this experience with me Mommy. I love you with all my heart.

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