I’m reflecting on 2018 as we come to a close. I have to be honest and admit that I put up with a lot of unnecessary…foolishness (for a lack of better words) both from others and MYSELF. It’s true that we are our own worst enemy, and I could probably dive deep into a rabbit hole with clinical explanations of why. I definitely could “social work” or “therapy” myself for the sake of understanding…but I won’t. Not today, not this post. However, I will say this…in 2019 I don’t anticipate dealing with the same shit. Nope! Ain’t gon’ do it! I’m walking away from these dysfunctional loops that continue to play out in my life.

From dysfunctional relationships…I walk

From one-sided friendships…I walk

From people pleasing at my own expense…I walk

From the need to control…I walk

From silencing myself and blocking my throat chakra…I RISE!

Walking away from and rising above all that does not serve me. I don’t expect myself to be completely different come 1/1/19, although stranger things have happened. I know there’s a lot of inner-standing for me to achieve…and that’s why I’ve already begun the work.

Be encouraged to do the work sis. 2019 doesn’t have to look the same as 2018 – unless you like the loops.

Love & Light,


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