2 Best Ways to Combat Jealousy

It’s that ugly little green monster that sneaks up in all of us…jealousy. I’m sure some of you are reading this right now and STILL wont admit you battle this monster in some area of your life. Social media itself is a breeding ground for jealousy and/or envy and we definitely are on the gram more hours than a little bit. All day we scroll through the ‘lies’ of others and think:

“How did she get that?”

“Why can’t I live there?”

“Ugh, I’m tired of seeing her wedding ring”

“He ain’t even as fly as me.”

…Need I continue?

And yes I said lies of others. It’s so true that people can be whoever they want to be on social media, the fliest of the fly girls and boys – even when they aren’t so in real life. Most times, the lives we see on social media aren’t even real but we constantly flood our minds with what we think life should be; thus causing feelings of inadequacy within ourselves. Additionally, we flood ourselves with the lives of celebrities and what mainstream media tells us a “good life” looks like, so we only post what mirrors that…how fucked up is that? Very few people share their real lives; very few will post their vulnerabilities and struggles. Just a reminder for the next time you start comparing your life against that of someone’s IG post – but I digress.

So you know what I’m talking about, because you’ve lived it. If you’re honest, you’re still living it. There’s no judgment because it’s normal! However, if left unchecked it can and will block you from your own desires. So lets check it:

Show gratitude: I get it; it’s difficult to be grateful when you’re in undesirable situations. Sometimes it’s really hard to see the silver lining or to appreciate the water that is in the cup (although its “half empty”). Sometimes you just want to be upset about whatever is going wrong, understandable. However, it’s important to know how that energy blocks all that you want. It’s like a plane full of blessings hovering over your airport waiting to land; but you can’t possibly expect for it to come in for a safe landing when you have mess all over the runway. Find things to consistently show the Divine Creator gratitude for and rest assured that action will most definitely be honored in the most divine way.Congratulate: Offer positivity in the form of congratulations – even when you don’t want to…especially when you don’t want to!! Know that you are in control of your own energy. You have the power to shift the jealousy into something positive, but it doesn’t just happen. There has to be action behind every intention. Offer forms of congrats to those who are “winning,” and watch how your energy begins to shift.

Combating jealousy isn’t easy at first try, but it also isn’t impossible. It’s much like riding a bike – the more you practice, the easier it becomes. #SpeakingFromExperience

Wouldn’t you rather live a life of pure joy? Don’t you want to manifest the blessings that are stored up for you in the spiritual realm? I’m sure you do, so please understand that combating negativity like jealousy is a must. It simply is not an option. Make the decision and do it sis.

Love & Light


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