About Me

Who’s Brittany?

I’m Brittany…or Paige depending on who you’re asking. Augusta, Georgia born, Baltimore, Maryland bred; I am a city girl at heart who has an appreciation for the get-away moments to the slow-paced country living that is the south. I am a single mother of a beautifully rambunctious little boy. I am a licensed Social Worker for the state of Maryland and serving in the capacity of a therapist. I specialize in the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Therapy Method as well as practices CBT, Supportive Therapy, Play Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness. I'm extremely passionate about helping people and even more regarding destigmatizing mental health treatment in the Black community. I am a yogini myself and the owner of Vibez Yoga located in Baltimore, MD. I am a creator and I find freedom in writing, so I manifested the Bohemian.Bee blog. I am a free-spirit on a mission to free other spirits and thus the Honeycomb Collective was born.

…but why?

I created Honeycomb Collective for the free-spirits, the spirits that have the desire to be free, and the spirits that don’t even know they aren’t free yet. I'm on a mission to decolonize mental health treatment; therefore, I use holistic methods along with talk therapy to address mental health barriers and the stress of daily life. It is my goal to reduce the shame and stigma often encountered when facing mental health barriers and treatment. Sis, you're not crazy - you're experiencing anxiety, and what happened in your Momma's house should not stay in your Momma's house - it should indeed be addressed with a therapist. Mental health barriers don't always look like what's shown in Hollywood and treatment isn't solely based upon sitting on a couch. Honeycomb Collective is a space in which WE get to share our stories and the expertise of our life experiences as we strive to heal our communities with the cessation of passing down trauma and calling it culture. This space is inclusive of all but it should be noted that this space was created specifically and unapologetically with people across the African Diaspora in mind. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity for my gift and my passion to collide in this space that I share with the Collective – offering up my own life experiences as well as clinical knowledge in order to encourage, motivate, and inspire. I am honored to journey with each of you in this manner and I offer my sincerest form of gratitude.

Welcome to the sweet safe space that is the Honeycomb Collective.

Peace & Blessings